At ION SUMMIT, we believe in the lost art of optimisation, as well as the underplayed hand of creativity. We find that brands are increasingly lacking the resources required to take advantage of every digital marketing channel and opportunity, meaning that many campaigns are started and optimised with limited care and professionalism.

Is this the fault of the brand?

Mostly no. We believe that an agency’s job is to advise the client on when resources should be implemented into new channels, as well as identifying their optimal level of effectiveness. Not just selling more marketing services, but identifying the best places for growth considering the budget available, and the objectives to be met. And this often means that there is higher-ROI growth within existing channels, i.e. more experienced resources are required where you are currently active before spreading more marketing thinly to new sparkly places.

Digital is in the detail, and your agency needs to be set up to understand the roi-benefit of this concept.

For example: is your SEO market share increasing at a faster rate than your competitors?; do you have small, targeted PPC ad groups with constant A/B testing and refined ad copy; and is your paid media reaching all segments of multicultural audiences, with personalised messaging?

The idea of now

Redefining This Year’s Results

Our Leadership Team is composed of UK digital marketing veterans, including Simon Turnbull and Jon Myers, supported by a senior team of employees that typically boast 10-16 years of experience each.

We can guarantee that we will find gaps that bring you immediate growth, and we are willing to support your existing teams to act rapidly to close that potential missed market share opportunity before it’s gone.

We call this The idea of now.

The global insurance brand, AIG, asked us to carry out just such an audit of their failing PPC car insurance campaign. Within 30 days, we had turned it profitable by reducing their cost per conversion by

Take Advantage of our Flexible Contracts

If we have peaked your interest, let us put our knowledge into action and present you with an overview of existing opportunities. Not just an automated report, but a product of all of our years of experience; and at no cost or risk to you. Then, if you agree with us that the opportunity is NOW, we will suggest a flexible and friendly contract that shows our focus is results, not ego.

We offer break clauses within our first year contracts, because we are here to create strong results within 90 days that make you appreciate our worth. And once we have established that relationship, we find that our clients become more dependent on our full-service digital advice, including re-designs based on our modern understanding of consumers and UX.

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